Our mission statement

At Highveld our mission is to create an atmosphere conducive to the development and progress of all individuals, towards attaining our full potential – spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically. As we strive for this, we aim at nurturing within all learners norms and values which will prepare them for their roles in our evolving society.



On 3 August 1937 this school was established under the name “HILL EXTENSION SCHOOL”.
Miss J. Dixon was the Acting Principal. The enrolment on the day of opening was 75 pupils and the school catered for Grade One to standard Two pupils (Grade4). On January 1939, Mr J. Holmes assumed duty as Principal. In 1944 Mr H. Dent assumed duty as Principal after the retirement of Mr Holmes. At this stage the enrolment was 545. The pupils still received free milk, fruit, meat and biscuits. Our school hall, the H.P. Dent Hall, was officially opened on 23 October, 1965 by Mr J.F. Oberholzer, M.P.C. After 20 years as Principal, Mr Dent retired on 15 December 1965 and Mr Geyser become Principal in 1967 and retired on 27 June 1969. This post was filled by Mr G.L. Higgs. At this stage the enrolment was 707 pupils. During Mr Higgs’ period as Principal, the name of the school was changed into “HIGHVELD PRIMARY” on the 21st July 1970. The tennis courts were erected, a swimming pool, change rooms and new tuck shop were built. On 26 November 1970, a basic techniques room was erected and the area in front of the grades section was cemented. Mr Higgs was promoted to the post of Inspector of Education and left our school on 30 April 1974, and Mrs M.J. Renney filled the position as Acting Headmistress. On 28 February 1975 Mr A.P. Malan was notified of his appointment as Principal of Highveld – a position he held for 8 years. After his retirement, Mrs Fundudis was appointed as Principal. During this period, the administration block and staff room were refurbished. Enrolment in 1984 was 720.

In 1990 the new media centre, designed by Mr Graeme Paterson and after 5 years of fund raising, was built at a cost of R300 000. Prof. Bredenkamp officially opened this centre and the newly laid garden area on 24.01.1990. On the 28 February 1997 Mrs Fundudis terminated her service at Highveld Primary after 25 years – 13 of which had been as Principal. Mrs Karen Warder (van den Oever) who was Deputy Principal took on the position of acting Principal as from 1 March 1997. Mrs Warder (van den Oever) later applied for this position and was appointed as Principal of Highveld Primary as from 1 July 1997. A new Governing Body was elected in April 1997, under the directives of the Gauteng Education Department. This new Governing Body consisted of 6 parent members, 3 teaching members, 1 non-teaching staff member and the Principal. During Mrs Warder’s (van den Oever) term of office a number of building operations took place, as well as the purchase of new equipment. The upgrading of the front office, including extending the ladies toilets, the conversion of the staffroom into a classroom and the building of a new staffroom In 2010, Highveld’s learner enrolment was 880 with 24 Gauteng teachers and 14 Governing Body employed teachers. The SGB extended the support system by employing an OT, Psychologist, Remedial Therapist and Speech and Hearing Therapist. At the end of December 2015, Mrs van den Oever took early retirement and Mrs Douwie was appointed into the position of Acting Principal. In October 2016, Mrs E Douwie was officially appointed as a Principal, with a learner enrolment of 941.